Why New Brunswick

Top Reasons to Invest in New Brunswick:

  1. Low business costs
  2. Lower taxes
  3. Smart people and well-trained workers
  4. Wide market access
  5. Dependable infrastructure
  6. Government’s commitment to business and to supporting your business
  7. An internationally recognized knowledge industry
  8. A focus on innovation
  9. Strong economic growth indicators
  10. A high quality of life


New Brunswick offers a skilled, bilingual (1 in 3 speak both English and French) talent pool, with 15 universities in the region producing over 15,000 graduates (4,000 from New Brunswick) each year. The average job tenure is also double the U.S. average. ONB’s Client Engagement Specialists help you access top talent by working with our post-secondary partners on customized curriculums and training programs. They also offer guidance and support on all immigration-related issues.


Things move quickly in New Brunswick and connecting with decision-makers and stakeholders is easier than in larger urban centres. ONB is well-connected, serving as your single point of contact connecting you to unmatched opportunities and incentives that accelerate your growth. Their Business Navigators provide businesses with one-on-one support to help steer them towards growth. We are helping companies of all sizes navigate any regulatory challenges associated with operating a business in New Brunswick.


New Brunswick’s post-secondary institutions work closely with groups like The Research and Productivity Council (RPC), government, and industry to drive innovation at companies across the province. New Brunswick is home to Research Chairs in energy, agriculture, aquaculture, cannabis, and more. These chairs largely align with either one of the province’s primary sectors or one of those sectors’ supply chains. You also benefit from colocation with the most vibrant cybersecurity sector in Canada; CyberNB, is ONB’s non-profit partner focused on cybersecurity innovation, research, and industry collaboration.


New Brunswick offers a modern multi-modal logistics hub, ideally situated to capitalize on world markets via an accessible, uncongested, and integrated system of efficiently run highways, ports, railways, and airports. New Brunswick’s telecommunication infrastructure offers you a vast fibre optic network reaching every corner of the province. All that combined with the time zone advantage and proximity to major markets make it easy to support global operations and serve clients in Europe and both the North American Eastern and Pacific Seaboards in the same business day.

Low operating costs

The Province of New Brunswick is often revered as a highly cost-competitive jurisdiction in Canada and the United States, largely due to the province’s low operating costs, corporate tax landscape, and enviable costs of living.

Quality of life

A 2018 Conference Board of Canada study found New Brunswick has the best quality of life in Canada. New Brunswick ranks first in Human Capital and Lifestyle (American Cities of the Future, 2017), and Canada is #2 in Best Countries Overall and #1 in Quality of Life (2020 World News Report). Surrounded by beaches, lakes and parks, the province offers natural beauty, a vibrant culture, low living costs, and a diverse and welcoming community.