About The StartUp Summit

With a focus on how your company can accelerate its path to success, this event provides a platform for those who are looking to: pick an accelerator, raise funds, select/enter a market(s), find partners (or mentors), expand their founding team, grow their organization, deal with the challenges brought about by the COVID19 pandemic, optimize their existing technologies, get insights on new trends, and learn from seasoned government officials, founders, thought leaders and innovators.

Great Learning Opportunities

The Startup Summit gathers successful founders, entrepreneurs, marketing directors, investors, incubators and government trade agencies who take the stage to share their stories in fireside chats and keynotes.

One event stream is purely dedicated to pitching. The others are filled with experts sharing their stories and sparking a dialogue on the future.

The Startup Summit is a great opportunity to influence the hearts and minds of young entrepreneurs, aspiring startup founders, and investors from across the globe.

The pace of the program is fast. Keynote presentations, panel discussions and fireside chats are usually 20-25 minutes long.

Available 24 Hours a Day Online

During the conference attendees will have access to live presentations and recorded keynotes, be able to join in panel discussions and working groups and have access to 1:1 and group mentoring sessions.

The Summit’s virtual stages are complimented by online chat rooms and virtual conference tables for attendees to meet and discuss the challenges they face and work on collaborative solutions (live!).

Attendees can also use the online platform to request appointments with speakers, partners and one another.