Benefits of Attending


  • Pitch investors and accelerators.
  • Get involved in live (virtual) workshops and round-table discussions.
  • Hear about grants and financial incentives available from various government trade and investment agencies.
  • Learn how to lead, scale and grow during difficult times.
  • Discuss ideas and challenges with other founders.
  • Connect with investors, influencers, ecosystem players.
  • Build relationships with investors and other successful founders.
  • Hear from others with big ideas and innovative projects.
  • Get the pulse of the market, business trends and investment mood.
  • Learn how make things better, grow faster, and build a bigger company.
  • Increase your sphere of influence.
  • Access to the the International Trade Council’s 7500+ angel investor and venture capital contacts.


  • Learn how other innovators are successfully marketing their products and services during challenging times.
  • Understand the essentials of product market fit and how to ensure your organization is positioned for success.
  • Understand how to close more sales in less time.
  • Learn how to build a brand which engenders customer loyalty.
  • Get involved in live collaborative sessions which will help you fine-tune your sales pitch.
  • Learn how to make your organization the most sought-after resource by buyers in your industry.
  • Create awareness about your organizations offerings.
  • Build relationships with founders, investors, influencers and government.
  • Reach an international audience.


  • Join the discussion about the role will tech play in the post-Covid19 world.
  • Participate in practical talks by experts and brainstorm with other tech leaders.
  • Hear experts share their vision and latest developments in cutting edge technologies.
  • Understand the customer journey and how to simplify, tailor and engage your clients through adaptive technologies.
  • Learn about opportunities to boost digital transformation.
  • Connect with other innovators and build something new.
  • Collaborate, innovate and disrupt in online round-tables and work-groups.
  • Uncover new ways of doing things.