Entrepreneurial Visa

The New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream is an economic immigration program for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to establish, operate and actively manage a business while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently.

The New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream is a provincial immigration program made possible through an agreement with the Government of Canada. As an economic program, the Government of New Brunswick selects, and nominates, qualified business people from around the world who will own and actively manage a business that contributes to the New Brunswick economy and may create jobs.

Eligibility Requirements

There are requirements for each stage of the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream process including registration, EOI, application and nomination. You must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for age, language, education, personal net worth, business ownership and/or senior management experience, business concept and score a minimum of 65 points in the selection factors to be considered for nomination by PETL. Eligibility requirements must be met at the time of the EOI, application and nomination. Meeting eligibility requirements does not guarantee that you will be nominated.

PETL reserves the right to consider only certain types of new enterprises or the purchase of existing businesses for the purpose of economic development. Decisions are based on the economic situation of the New Brunswick labour market, current inventory, yearly nomination allocations distributed by IRCC, and any other factors determined by PETL.

An Applicant Should Generally Meet These Requirements:

  1. Be aged between 22 and 55 years ;
  2. Have sufficient English and, or French language ability to actively manage a business in New Brunswick;
  3. Have, at a minimum, been awarded a high school diploma;
  4. Will live, and operate a business in New Brunswick;
  5. Have relevant and proven management experience in three of the last five years;
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of the business environment in New Brunswick;
  7. The business plan must be approved by an official of the Government of New Brunswick;
  8. The successful settlement and support of dependent family members for up to two years without third party assistance; and
  9. Score a minimum of 65 points in the selection factors.